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The arts refer to the aesthetic value of art found in various cultures and social systems in order to create environments, artifacts and experiences to satisfy needs and desires. Major components of the different arts include music, visual arts, literature, dancing, dance, writing, sculpture, ceramics and pottery, and fine arts. There are many kinds of artists who have given rise to popular art forms today.

One of the most famous artists is Pablo Picasso. His work and style of painting have become immensely popular. His works have been displayed in numerous museums, universities, and institutions worldwide. His most famous painting “Guernica” still ranks as one of the most controversial paintings ever made.

Leonardo Da Vinci is also one of the major influences of modern-day artists. His drawings and paintings have been very influential in the creation of modern art. Da Vinci’s drawings and paintings have been used in a large number of films and other media, and are still widely used for educational purposes.

Impressionism is another prominent art movement that emerged during World War I. Impressionists were the first to use oil paints, watercolors, and other mediums to convey images and ideas on their canvas. Impressionist paintings often portray landscapes and cities. They are still popular in modern day art circles.

Post-impressionism is another great influence in the creation of art. Post-impressionists were influenced by Impressionists as well and were the first to use stenciling techniques to create realistic-looking paintings.

Expressionism was a relatively new form of art that evolved from Impressionism and is often referred to as Abstract Expressionism. Expressionist painters such as Picasso and Braque were among the most influential and popular painters of the early twentieth century.

Cubism emerged during the early twentieth century. It is a type of abstract art that is characterized by its abstract shapes and designs. Most of its early creations were inspired by works of painters such as Paul Gauguin, Pablo Picasso and Jasper Johns.

Although these art forms are widely used today, there are still some areas of art that are still dominated by one or more of these different styles. Some of the oldest, most famous, and famous of these are the famous art galleries in London.

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