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Financial accounting is basically the field of bookkeeping concerned with the organization, reporting and analysis of financial transactions related to an organization. This includes the preparation of periodic financial reports for public consumption. Financial accounting covers the process by which businesses make decisions about the provision and expenditure of assets and liabilities. It includes the identification of the sources of funds, budgeting, recording of expenses, and reporting these expenses on the basis of net income or profit.

Accountants are responsible for the evaluation of a business’s financial performance. They also conduct statistical analysis of the financial transactions and record the financial statements for review purposes. An accountant should have the following qualifications:

Degree in Accounting (BCA) – A Bachelor’s degree in accounting will qualify you for this job. This degree is usually obtained by completing an Associate’s degree from an accredited institution of higher learning.

Degree in Business Administration (BBA) – A Bachelor’s degree in business administration can also qualify you for this job. You should be enrolled in an accredited business management program that focuses on accounting. You will be required to complete a general business management course before you can begin work as a financial accountant.

Masters in Accounting (MMa) – In order to get a Master’s degree in accounting, you should have a bachelor’s degree or higher. You will need to have at least four years of undergraduate study completed at an accredited institution of higher learning. There will be some coursework requirements that you must meet, but the focus of your program will be on accounting.

Doctorate in Accounting (DMA) – Once you obtain your MMa, you should be working in a position that requires you to perform your accounting function as part of the general business management team. If you choose to do so, you will also need to complete the requirements set forth in the National Association for Business Analytics (NADA) program, and the requirements to become a certified public accountant. Once you are a CPA, you may continue on to the PhD program, which focuses on the study of business and economics.

CPA Exam – For those who have earned their CPA designation, there is a set of exams that they must pass before they become licensed in financial accounting. and bookkeeping. Candidates who have already gained their license may take the examination to become a member of the National Society of Certified Public Accountants (NSCA).

A number of different firms are available online that can assist with your financial records keeping needs. These companies are often referred to as bookkeepers outsourcing companies.

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