The Advantages of a Live Webcam Online Exams and Class Help Service

The Camtasia Video Project for Do My University Exam is a new project of the American Computer Users Association. This video project is being presented at the 2020 International Conference on Human Resource Management. Students say that live proctoring of college exams through their webcams in their school’s network is creepy. Students taking college exams during the panic-stricken panic virus lockdown say that they are being subjected in front of the computer to live proctoring through their webcam, and it is creeping them out at night. Proctoring in traditional exams can be hard: there is no physical body on which to proctor, so proctors have to rely on written notes and feedback from the student.

But college students are already used to this. Many colleges are offering online courses as well as traditional ones, and these courses have their own set of exams. Many students are not familiar with the requirements that they must fulfill to take the exams. In traditional college exams, students are required to study a set number of hours. For some exams, the student has to complete an essay; other exams require the student to sit for a test, to present his/her argument to the proctor before the exam starts.

The number of hours a student needs to study in traditional college exams has been in dispute since long before this project was launched. The project aims to change this by having its participants work longer hours, in order to take the exams in record time.

A cam will show students how to take the exams. The video will show students taking the exams, the proctor at one end, the students at the other end. The student who is supposed to do an exam will start by opening the program, clicking on the “Proctor” tab.

The cam then shows the students what will be shown to the proctor. The proctor will then go over the exam question, taking the students through it, explaining the way to answer it, in a short and clear voice. The cam also lets the students take their tests with or without their webcam on and without using their hands. The students are required to use their computer mouse. If the cam is closed while students are taking the exams, the proctor will give an audible alert, letting the students know that they should go back to the program, and reenter their answers.

The live web cam will also let students see their own performance on the exam, after the proctor has given them their results. If the student fails a question or gets a wrong answer, he/she can go back to the live webcam to correct their answers. The proctor will still see their webcam, and so will the students.

Because the cam lets the students take their exams with their webcam, the live web cam allows them to take their exam at any time, day or night. Some students find that their professors tend to be less patient than in traditional exams, and they miss lectures because they cannot make it to the professor’s office to take their exams when they forget to take their exams.

Other students see it as a waste of time to sit in front of their computers for hours to complete their webcam projects, but webcam projects can be fun too. Even if students are tired, they can still learn to take their exams, if the study plan includes the cam. and the time it takes to finish each project. The live webcam can help them make sure they are studying, to make sure their online project is worth the effort.

Posted on October 21, 2020 in Do my Assignment

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