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The Department of Public Education reports that only twenty-six percent of AP courses receive a pass score (either three, four, five or six); credit is often not guaranteed. But, 98 percent of CAPP graduates get credit at Wisconsin’s University of Oshkosh. That is why the course is so important for many students who need to transfer to other campuses.

Another statistic of interest to many students: in 2020, only one in eight UWI students received a CCC in chemistry. In fact, according to an AP article on chemistry education, “AP Chemistry classes, which are typically held in the spring, have been all but eliminated at UWI.” So if you want a CCC in chemistry at Wisconsin, be prepared to work your way through the University of Oshkosh’s coursework.

The AP chemistry course at the University of Wisconsin offers four different modules. Students complete these modules in order to earn a CCC. There are two primary modules, and students will complete six modules overall. To earn the CCC, students must take and pass each module. For more information on the course, visit the AP website.

The University of Wisconsin is one of only a few colleges and universities that offer the AP course. Only thirty-five percent of schools offering AP courses offer the course nationally, according to the College Board. However, the University of Wisconsin offers the most AP courses available nationally at thirty-five. The University of Missouri is the next most widely recognized institution offering the course, followed by the University of Minnesota, Virginia Tech and Northern Illinois University.

The University of Wisconsin has some strong students’ associations. One is the College of Engineering Student Union (CASEU). This student organization is responsible for organizing student events, providing students with information on campus events and activities and is an excellent resource for faculty. It also hosts a regular conference called the Case Discussion Series.

The University of Wisconsin is home to the Department of Chemistry, which is one of the premier research laboratories in the world. Students can choose from several undergraduate programs to study under the supervision of professors in the Department of Chemistry. The University offers a bachelor of science degree in chemistry. and a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering. Students can also pursue graduate studies in the Department of Chemical Engineering.

The Department of Chemical Engineering offers a master’s program in chemical engineering. It is one of only two graduate programs that offer a core curriculum that incorporates advanced theoretical training in chemistry, biology and physics, while maintaining a major emphasis on applied mathematics.

The National Association of Schools of Public Credit Management (NASCO) is a nonprofit organization that regulates credit policies in all institutions of higher education in the United States. In the case of the University of Wisconsin, students in all Bachelor of Science degree programs are assigned an associate, master, doctoral degree credit management officer. The NASCO is composed of eight members and is comprised of representatives from all states and colleges. It is affiliated with the American Association of Schools of Professional Accountants (AASPA).

The University of Wisconsin is also affiliated with the American Association of Schools of Business. NASCO works to educate members on the principles, policies and procedures governing the issuance and collection of federal student loans, as well as to educate employers on their obligation to protect the rights of students with federally guaranteed student loans.

A variety of CAPP courses are offered through different campus, as well as online sources. Students have the option of attending classes in person or on the internet. A number of CAPP training options are offered through accredited university-based online programs.

CAPP courses are offered by most colleges and universities across the country. However, certain online universities may not be accredited to offer the course or be associated with a state-approved agency.

The University of Wisconsin offers a CAPP training for students interested in career planning, marketing, accounting and finance. A CAPP program is a great choice for anyone who wants to advance their careers or improve their earnings potential.

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